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This is a true story of a friend of mine, and now I'm now trying to do the same. 
Experience is easy and you don't have nothing to lose. 

We challenge you to do the same.

I deleted my Facebook account for the 3rd time a month ago, I think.
To explain the reasons I deleted mine and why you should delete yours too, I made this post.
First, you need to know quitting Facebook isn’t easy. Facebook is engaging, enjoyable and quite frankly, addictive. Quitting something like Facebook is like quitting smoking. It’s hard to stay on the wagon long enough to actually change your habits.

“You don’t have 852 friends. You have about 4. And that’s good. 4 friends that you talk to, it’s better than 852 that you don’t want to see but are happy to look at. One or more of there “friends” are looking at your photographs right now, and judging you.”
- You’re addicted to Facebook.
How much time do you spend there? 1 hour? 2? 3? 4? Or do you spend the whole day logged in on your mobile? Think about all the things you could do with time you spend on Facebook. You could read, take a walk, hang out with friends, take a wonderful bath, cook a delicious meal, exercise, etc! You could do so many things with that spare time!

- Use the Skills You’ve Learned.
Instead of playing Farmville, why don’t you apply all of those useful skills, and go work on an ACTUAL farm. You can harvest crops and make it through the dry season, and actually make bank from it. Why play a game when you can do the real thing? If you’re more of the Mobsters type person, you should probably disregard this.

- Be Stupid Elsewhere.

- Stick it to the man (before he sticks it to you).
Zuckerburg has made it clear that in his mind, he runs the show and he will take Facebook in a direction that makes him more money, even if that is against the wishes of his users. Have you ever read the privacy agreement? Didn’t think so. For all you know by signing up he could have the right to sell you to a Russian looking for a soul mate. Just sayin’. Don’t tread on me, Zuck.

- It’s Old and Wrinkly.
If the really cool place in town for college kids to hang out was a bowling alley, and after a while, it started getting more and more crowded with your parents and even grandparents telling you “GREAT SHOT BABY, I’M SOOOO PROUD OF YOU. XOXO” what would you do? Leave in a hot second. Well, now that your parents are “liking” every status update and snooping on your photos, that’s basically what’s happened. So, let’s go find a new place to play, shall we?

- Facebook Owns Your Data. 
Facebook makes clear in its Terms of Service that you are surrendering ownership rights to the intellectual property (i.e., your updates and photos) that you upload to your little area of the world’s largest social network.

- You became shallow.
Do you really feel happier to have some “likes” on your photos or status? And who cares about your status? People don’t really want to know. The ones who actually do, talk to you. In person, or by a text or e-mail, but they actually care and they ask. You don’t need to shove your whole life into someone’s computer screen. You don’t need to put photos of yourself in the Internet, why do you do that? Why do you care about the comments and the “likes?” Think about it.

- Employers have no way of searching for your personal life.

- You will find out which of your 718 friends are actually friends, and of those you will have more meaningful relationships with them, because you find out they go out of their way to talk to you!

- You become “the guy/girl who left facebook,” and after that first month of being asked why you left by everybody in your life, you begin being celebrated by your (actual) friends who say they wish they could leave too.

- You will avoid all the facebook “drama”, that in the end, is much more complicated than real life “drama” and much less authentic! 

- No longer do you have to worry about who sees what. No longer do you have to compete for attention. No longer do you have to wonder who’s saying what about whom. You have lived every year, save the last five you’ve held your account, not knowing this information and the fact you have not known this has not killed you.

 - People will invite you for events by giving you a call, or dropping you an email, rather than using non personalized invitations for 100 people! If they don’t invite you, don’t worry: it is because they did not really meant it!

- Once the new Timeline is rolled out to the masses, your friends will be able to peruse your digital life, look at the people you dated, see the friends you’ve made and check out the jobs you’ve held.

- You don’t have t worry about embarrassing photos later becoming public.

- You won’t see those stupid things that annoy you so badly no more. 

- No more embarrassing/rude messages on your “wall”

- No more “Pokes”

- No more embarrassing pictures from your past
 Things You should Know:
- Don’t you prefer hearing someone’s voice instead of seeing just letters on your screen?
- Less is more: Less “friends”, more actual friends.
- You don’t need to hear/look at the people you hate if you don’t want to.
- You have enough friends in real life
- Life goes on without Facebook. I don’t have one and I feel great.
- Facebook consumes too many time of your life.
 - Facebook sells your private information.
- If are you looking for someone, you’ll find a way to reach them.

Let me challenge you.
Deactivate your Facebook account for 30 days.
One month. See how it goes. And then tell me how you felt. Tell me if you died without it. Tell me what you did with that free time you suddenly had. Tell me if you’re going back.

P.S. You may have seem this reasons written elsewhere, I googled it and I found many reasons to quit Facebook so I just added them to mine and created this post. 

this is the link of her tumblr  http://saudadeportuguesa.tumblr.com/

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VC disse...

gosto, sigo :)

LADY Anna disse...

Sou meio que escrava da internet e possuo o face, com o tempo vai perdendo a graça, agora no máximo dou uma olhadinha por dia e fecho :P

Kirby disse...

LADY Anna, para ser sincera eu também sou meia escrava da internet,apesar de propor para desactivarem a vossa conta "apenas" durante 30 dias, eu tentai ao quinto não resisti, agora que pelo facebook tenho acesso ao Spotify(pagina de música gratuita(apenas para pessoas do face), e que dá para descarregar e legal) não consegui resistir e voltei para o face.

E também tenho que conseguir manter algum contacto com os meus amigos que estão em portugal(vim para a bélgica este ano).posso utilizar como desculpa:P

beijo vê se consegues, desactiva-lo :))